Interesting Facts About The Indian Supreme Court Building

We all know that the Supreme Court of India is the highest judicial forum and the final court of appeal under the Constitution of India. Its power of judicial review lies in the hands of the Chief Justice of India and 30 other judges. Whatever the decision taken by the Supreme Court is the final decision, binding on all the courts in India. Earlier, the Court met only from 10 am to 12 pm and then 2 pm to 4 pm for only 28 days in a year. But today, it meets for 190 days a year. You surely know that the Supreme Court is situated in the capital of India – New Delhi but, do you know these interesting facts about the building of our supreme justice?


  • The foundation stone of the Supreme Court building was laid on 29th October 1954 by Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first President of India.
  • The main block of the building has been built on a 17 acre triangular plot in Hardinge Avenue, opposite to the Hardinge Bridge. It has been designed in an Indo-British style by Ganesh Bhikaji Deolalikar, a chief architect and the first Indian to head the Central Public Works Department.
  • The building of the Supreme Court has been designed and shaped in such a way as to represent the scales of justice, keeping in mind Rajendra Prasad’s words which stated that the two pans of the scales of justice have to be held evenly without allowing the beam from which they hang to incline to any of its sides. The Central Wing of the Supreme Court building that comprises the Chief Justice’s Court and two large courtrooms on either side represents the central beam of the scales of justice. The right and left wings of the building represent the two scales. The Right Wing comprises of the offices of the Attorney General of India and other law officers, the bar-room and the library. The Left Wing comprises of the offices of the Court.
  • The Court moved into the building in the year 1958. Two new wings – the East Wing and the West Wing were added to the structure in 1979. The last extension was added in the year 1994.
  • On 20th February 1980, a black bronze sculpture that was sculpted by the renowned artist Chintamoni Kar was installed in the lawn of the Supreme Court premises. With a height of 210 centimeters, this statue shows a lady sheltering a child, who is holding an open book in his hands. This statue is built with a very deep thought. It portrays Mother India as the lady, who shows to protect the young Republic of India, which is shown as a child; and the open book represents the laws of land. There is a balance shown on the book, which represents equal justice given to all.

How To Make Your Home Clutter-Free?

Having a cluttered home is very normal. Almost every family faces this problem, whether you have tiny tots in your family or college teens or a husband! Yes, from kids to adults, every member of the family can be the reason for making a home cluttered. And, it is the lady of the house who puts in all the efforts to clutter-free her dwelling all the time! Here are some tips for you ladies to make it easier for having a clutter-free home.


Get rid of unwanted stuff

Make a check on all the stuff you don’t require at all – clothing that you haven’t been wearing since ages, toys and games your kids don’t play with anymore, gadgets your husband doesn’t even remember anymore, etc. Obviously there is an emotional connection with quite many unwanted things in the house but, wouldn’t it be better to donate it to someone who really wants or needs that stuff? Get off with that emotional connect and bring a smile to someone else’s face – you will feel better.

Have a place for everything

Make sure you have a proper place for every big and small item you have in the house. Provide a space for every item that is easy to get out and put back in place. If you place a useful item at the topmost shelf, you are sure to get it down when you need it but, do you think it will be put back in place again by climbing up to the topmost shelf? No! So, have a strategic plan to place every item carefully. If you have excess of things that are actually useful to you but, you lack space, you need to make sure you have storage baskets or boxes for those items that can be nicely placed in the room where it is used without causing any inconvenience.

Make use of every corner in your house

Have you ever thought of utilizing the L-shaped corner space in every room for storage? Imagine how much space you can save if you have small triangular shelves across those L-shaped corners! It would give you space to store small items and will also make your house look neat and tidy rather than stuff placed here and there. This is especially useful in bathrooms and kitchens, where you can put the toiletries and kitchen utilities respectively neatly on the shelves in the corners.

Have smart furniture

Lots of furniture can utilize a whole lot of space in your house and can make it look cluttered. Strategize your furniture plan and be a smart shopper. Buy foldable furniture that can be put away in the corners when not in use. You can also opt for multi-purpose highly-functional furniture, which can help solve many activities with one piece of equipment. Instead of buying regular sofas, beds and stools, you can opt for those that provide space for additional storage, where you can store your seldom-used or seasonal products.

Make use of crap baskets

Now you may ask what a crap basket is. Give every member of your house an individual basket and name them as crap baskets. Ask them to place all their items into their own basket when they have no time to put it in the right place, rather than just throwing it over the bed, on the table or elsewhere. Ask them to clean up the basket every night or once in 2 to 3 days and put the items back in place. This will avoid clutter in your home and will also keep a check on who makes the most clutter in the house. J

What Should You Look For While Buying A New Apartment?

Are you planning to shift your home to a new locality? How would you know if it is livable or not? Especially if you are moving to a place that is not very occupied at present, how would you know if it would be a promising area in the next few years? It is very crucial to know the livability of your location before buying a property because you cannot keep moving your residence from one place to another if you aren’t satisfied. Thus, it is a long thought process before making a decision to buy a house. Here we are to help you analyze how livable your preferred location is.



With the unhealthy lifestyle we live today, it is very important that you live amidst Nature to stay healthy. Live in an area that has greenery around and where you can breathe in fresh air rather than the polluted air in the midst of the city. Adisesh Green City is one such property in Bangalore, which is built in the non-pollution zone in Hoskote. With lush greenery around and a lake view, this property gives a rejuvenated and pollution-free atmosphere to live.

Grocery market

Grocery is something you need everyday. You might not be buying it everyday but, you would still require a grocery store in close proximity. Make sure you have one of the many well-known retail stores near your building. An easy supply of groceries, milk, bread and other dairy products is a must. You would also see that if there is only one grocery supplier in the area, he would be charging an extra 20-25% on your bills. Make sure you do not have to spend this extra amount as these small amounts will add up to your cost of living in the long run.

Medical facilities

Hospitals, doctors and chemists are other important facilities everyone would require in close proximity. What if you require to go to a hospital or need some urgent medication in the midnight hours? Would you want to drive all the way to a hospital that is far away from your home? Obviously not. Make sure you have these facilities nearby your home.

Water and electricity facilities

Water and electricity are two major factors that help people decide whether they would like to buy a home in the locality. Many areas in India face the problem of water and power-cuts. Don’t opt for localities that face these problems regularly. It would make it difficult to live.

Transport facilities or walking distance

It is very important that you have your workplace or your children’s school either at a walking distance or where you can travel to easily. If you have your own vehicle, it would be fine. But, if you don’t, you need to make sure there is enough and good quality bus transport and taxis or auto rickshaws available. Make sure you are well-connected with other areas of the city. Also, opt for a place that has a railway station or airport nearby.

Active environment

If you have kids and youngsters in your family, it is very important that you have an active environment around. Live in a place that has summer camp facilities or any other classes you can send your kids to all throughout the year or in the vacation to keep them engaged and active. The locality should also have a multiplex, restaurant, cafe and park nearby to help you lead an active life.

Safe environment

Along with being active, the locality should also be safe to live in. Make sure it is not a crime-prone area. You also need to be sure that you live in such an area where you are safe and free to move out of the house even during the midnight or early morning hours.

Will The Real Estate Market Grow In 2016?

The year 2014 was a lethargic one in the real estate market sector. The high interest rates and political uncertainty were the two main reasons behind the inactivity of buyers towards property purchase. Home buyers postponed their purchases for the entire year, which is why the number of unsold properties increased over the year, which in turn increased pressure on the developers. This is the reason why developers started putting up alluring offers like gold coins and easy payment plans to attract customers. Mumbai and Delhi saw the highest number of piling inventory.

Real Estate Market Growth 2016

This year i.e. in 2015, with the rising GDP growth, economic activity is picking up speed. The GDP is expected to rise by 6.5 % in the next financial year. An increase in the number of jobs in the corporate sector has also been observed this year. Thus, with improving business standards, the demand for commercial and office space is definitely going to see a rise. Slowly and gradually, even the demand for residential property will start increasing. This can be said because this year, there has been a positive change in customers’ attitudes towards property purchase and there have also been interest rate cuts. The reduction in interest rates for home loans has been a huge factor for this changing attitude. If the property prices stay stable and the interest rates stay low, it will definitely attract the middle class buyers.

Another major reason that will change the way properties are bought and sold is the implementation of the ‘Real Estate Regulation Bill’, which has been made to govern contracts between real estate buyers and sellers. Until now, buyers were compelled to abide by the one-sided contract terms, sky-high prices, uncertain plan changes and delay in deliverance. But with the implementation of this Bill, the records of projects, promoters, agents and violators will be maintained by the ‘Real Estate Regulatory Authorities’. Before a developer launches a project, he will have to register his plan with every tiny detail with the authority for approval. If these terms are violated, the developer will be highly penalized. The developer will also be required to keep 50% of amount received by customers in an escrow account, which will be used only in the development of the project. Thus, there will be complete transparency and security towards the customers, which will uplift the real estate market activity.

There has been an increasing demand for affordable housing and townships this year, and the demand is expected to rise even next year. The government is also working towards establishing 100 smart cities across India. This idea compelled the ‘Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act’ to ease off some of its provisions like those related to rise in compensation to original inhabitants and rehabilitation clauses.

With all these factors and the number of developments taking place in the real estate sector, it seems like the property market in India is expected to significantly improve by the end of March 2016.

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All You Want To Know About A Will

We all are mortal, and this is the harsh fact of life. You achieve so much in life through hard work and struggle. You save every penny of your income and buy a new house for yourself. You buy so many valuables – properties, cars, valuable jewels and more. But, what are you going to take with you when you are gone? Nothing! So, what is going to happen to all your assets after you are gone?


You may say that all your wealth and assets will be transferred to your spouse or children. But, how can you be so sure that your property will be equally divided amongst your own people? It will be the state you live in that will decide on who the recipients will be and how the property will be divided amongst them. But, it may be that you wished for something else. So, in order to transfer your properties among the people you want, in the manner you want, you need to prepare a ‘Will’.

What is a Will?

A Will is a legal document that you can write once you are above 21 years of age, representing how you want your assets to be distributed after you are gone. This is a way you can plan who your successors will be and what percentage of property will be transferred to each of them, which will save any kind of disputes at the time of property distribution. This is one of the most important documents you will ever write. Make sure that your Will complies with the State laws so that it is considered valid. It is better if you appoint a lawyer to help you out with this. Your Will may include every property you own – cash, properties, furniture, jewellery, vehicles, bank accounts, shares, etc.

How to write a Will?

In India, it isn’t necessary that you write your Will on a stamp paper; a plain white paper will do. But, it is advisable to write your Will in your own handwriting so that it can be verified after your death in case of any doubts raised by relatives.

In order to write a Will, you will need a Testator if you want someone else to write for you, an Executor who will ensure that all your property is responsibly distributed and two witnesses to justify your document.

First of all, you will need to declare at the very beginning that you are in your full senses while making this Will and are not doing so under any pressure. Mention all details about you to confirm the same.

You need to be very specific while writing which property will be given to which individual. Clearly state the complete names of the receivers and also of your residential and commercial properties, if they are multiple in numbers. If you are giving your assets to a minor, make sure to appoint a trustworthy custodian of your assets until he/she reaches an adult age. In case of any debts or taxes, you will be stating the name of an executor who will be responsible for paying them after you.

At the end of the Will, sign carefully in the presence of two witnesses. Also, mention clearly the date and place of writing the Will. The witnesses will also be signing the Will along with you. Seal the Will properly and bear your signature and date of sealing on the envelope.

Can a Will be changed?

A Will is a fluid document that can be changed as and when you require. There may be chances you want to add or remove the name of a recipient or update your Will after major life changes like marriage or divorce, buying more property or additions to your family. But, make sure that whenever you make any changes, you mention the date and confirm that this is your latest Will and all previous Wills should be nullified.

If you want to add a residential property to your assets and if Bangalore is the place for you, there would be no better place than Adisesh Green City to gift to your loved ones. Located near Hoskote in the midst of Narasapura industrial layout, this lake view residential plot in the non-pollution zone, surrounded by top MNCs is a great place for you to live in now, and will also prove fruitful to those who will receive it after you.

Guidelines For Women Investing In Real Estate

Women are running neck-to-neck with men everywhere in every field. Parents are letting their daughters study as much as they want to and pursue a career in whichever field they like. These daughters grow up to become self dependent individuals and have a respectful and confident image in the society. Such women, whether single or married, are also putting their foot forward in investing in real estate. Buying a residential property is no more only a man’s game. Almost 30% of property buyers in India are now women. If you are one of them and are looking to buy a residential property for yourself, you need to look at the below mentioned points to know that you are striking the right deal.


Why do you need the property?

You need to answer this question first. Are you buying the property for living in it or to rent it out or only for investment purpose? You need to look at a property at different angles for every different reason. If it is for living in, you need to find a property in the midst of the city with all basic requirements around. If you want to rent it out, you need only the basic requirements to be fulfilled. If it is for investment purpose, you must invest in the outskirts where property prices are low at present and will rise in the future giving you great ROI.

Adisesh Green City in Narasapura, Bangalore spread over 30 acres of land is one great place to invest in, whether you want to live there or for investment purpose. Its amazing pollution-free atmosphere and proximity to nature, with greenery and woods surrounding the property and ‘green’ amenities like water treatment plant, sewage treatment plans and rain water harvesting is sure to make it the best deal for you.

Know your budget and finances

It is very important to have a budget in mind before looking for a property. Analyze how much savings you have, how much monthly expenses you make, what is your future growth at your workplace and what is the permanency of your job. Only then can you know how much you can afford. Stick to it and try not exceeding the limit. A little flexibility is alright but you can’t just jump over your budget because the home you like is offering great not-so-important luxuries. Also, don’t invest all your savings in the down payment. Keep some money in hand for immediate repairs required or in case of an emergency. While considering a home loan, make sure to calculate the EMIs you will have to pay. The EMI should not be more than 30-35% of your monthly income.

What concessions can you get?

Do you know that women are entitled to certain concessions? Learn about them and take advantage of these benefits. Certain states provide lower stamp duty charges for women home buyers. For example, Delhi and Haryana provide a 2% lower stamp duty for women as compared to other states. Also, banks like SBI offer home loans to women at cheaper interest rates than to men. Check for all these types of concessions before you make a purchase.

Hire a real estate agent

You may have learnt the rules for investing in real estate. You might have studied all the possible advantages you can get. You might have also analyzed property rates in the locations you prefer. But still, hiring a reputed real estate agent would prove beneficial because you will be able to rely on him to help you strike the best deal and let you know if you are being met with a fraud if at all because he knows the market in and out. But, make sure that the agent you hire is reputed and well-known for his work or else he himself might dupe you. Contact your friends and family to get in touch with professional real estate agents.

Benefits Of Investing In The Outskirts Of Bangalore


Investing in real estate is considered to be one of the best and safest step towards better returns. However, the challenge is deciding on the location to invest in, which will guarantee maximum returns. When it comes to investing in a property, it is normal to be in dilemma.

You start having sleepless nights and you start worrying about a variety of questions like – Is it better to invest in the midst of the city? Or is it better to invest in the outskirts? Will investing in the outskirts be too far away? Will you be able to get maximum returns after investing in a particular property? All you do all day long is weigh your options, pros and cons, and potential dangers.

How is investing in the outskirts a better deal?

If you want an advice, a property in the outskirts should be the best choice. Listed below are a few advantages that will have you believing the same.

  • Low budget – The property prices in the outskirts of a city are definitely going to be lower than those in the prime locations within the city. So, you can get more space in lesser budget in the outskirts.
  • Future growth – The outskirts might not be well developed at present. But, they definitely will be in the coming years. The outskirts build up in infrastructure and commercial as well as residential development soon. Moreover, these days Metros are an easy way of connecting to the main city and other areas around.
  • Peaceful life – The outskirts are much quieter than the hustling-bustling city. You can lead a much peaceful life in the outskirts away from the maddening crowd of the city, at least for the next few years to come.
  • Higher investment returns – As stated earlier, the outskirts develop in infrastructure and other developments soon. Once developed, there will be great demand for properties in the area, which will result in higher prices. So, once you have bought at a cheaper rate and you sell off at a higher rate, you are surely going to reap great profits. 

What factors contribute to higher ROI?

The two main factors that are responsible for a higher ROI when investing in the outskirts are –

Development – When you purchase a property in the outskirts of a city, it would be having minimum facilities, limited connectivity and accessibility points. But, it will soon start developing with malls, shopping centres, commercial buildings, schools, colleges and hospitals. Not only this, even metros and other transport facilities that bring easy access will come up. All this will raise the value of your property in a few years’ time.

Demand – The location of your property, that is now in the outskirts, will soon become a prime location of the city with great infrastructure and commercial developments coming up. This will have more and more people wanting to come and settle down in the area, which will increase the demand of properties. Once the demand increases, you can ask for a hefty amount to sell off your property, thus, bringing in great profits.

One of the best locations to invest is Plots in Hoskote near Bangalore, a planned township with established industries and companies, and excellent connectivity. The properties in Hoskote are expected to have great appreciation in the coming years. Greatly connected to Navi Mumbai and Chennai, it attracts IT crowds because it is connected to the ITI factory at KR Puram. It is also in close vicinity to other IT hubs like Whitefield and ITPL. The properties in Hoskote have been appreciated up to 80% in the last one year. For investing in Villas in Hoskote, you must approach Adisesh Projects, a reputed name in the industry since the past 20 years. They even offer great villas in Narasapura, which is another great location to invest in.