How To Make Your Home Clutter-Free?

Having a cluttered home is very normal. Almost every family faces this problem, whether you have tiny tots in your family or college teens or a husband! Yes, from kids to adults, every member of the family can be the reason for making a home cluttered. And, it is the lady of the house who puts in all the efforts to clutter-free her dwelling all the time! Here are some tips for you ladies to make it easier for having a clutter-free home.


Get rid of unwanted stuff

Make a check on all the stuff you don’t require at all – clothing that you haven’t been wearing since ages, toys and games your kids don’t play with anymore, gadgets your husband doesn’t even remember anymore, etc. Obviously there is an emotional connection with quite many unwanted things in the house but, wouldn’t it be better to donate it to someone who really wants or needs that stuff? Get off with that emotional connect and bring a smile to someone else’s face – you will feel better.

Have a place for everything

Make sure you have a proper place for every big and small item you have in the house. Provide a space for every item that is easy to get out and put back in place. If you place a useful item at the topmost shelf, you are sure to get it down when you need it but, do you think it will be put back in place again by climbing up to the topmost shelf? No! So, have a strategic plan to place every item carefully. If you have excess of things that are actually useful to you but, you lack space, you need to make sure you have storage baskets or boxes for those items that can be nicely placed in the room where it is used without causing any inconvenience.

Make use of every corner in your house

Have you ever thought of utilizing the L-shaped corner space in every room for storage? Imagine how much space you can save if you have small triangular shelves across those L-shaped corners! It would give you space to store small items and will also make your house look neat and tidy rather than stuff placed here and there. This is especially useful in bathrooms and kitchens, where you can put the toiletries and kitchen utilities respectively neatly on the shelves in the corners.

Have smart furniture

Lots of furniture can utilize a whole lot of space in your house and can make it look cluttered. Strategize your furniture plan and be a smart shopper. Buy foldable furniture that can be put away in the corners when not in use. You can also opt for multi-purpose highly-functional furniture, which can help solve many activities with one piece of equipment. Instead of buying regular sofas, beds and stools, you can opt for those that provide space for additional storage, where you can store your seldom-used or seasonal products.

Make use of crap baskets

Now you may ask what a crap basket is. Give every member of your house an individual basket and name them as crap baskets. Ask them to place all their items into their own basket when they have no time to put it in the right place, rather than just throwing it over the bed, on the table or elsewhere. Ask them to clean up the basket every night or once in 2 to 3 days and put the items back in place. This will avoid clutter in your home and will also keep a check on who makes the most clutter in the house. J