What Should You Look For While Buying A New Apartment?

Are you planning to shift your home to a new locality? How would you know if it is livable or not? Especially if you are moving to a place that is not very occupied at present, how would you know if it would be a promising area in the next few years? It is very crucial to know the livability of your location before buying a property because you cannot keep moving your residence from one place to another if you aren’t satisfied. Thus, it is a long thought process before making a decision to buy a house. Here we are to help you analyze how livable your preferred location is.



With the unhealthy lifestyle we live today, it is very important that you live amidst Nature to stay healthy. Live in an area that has greenery around and where you can breathe in fresh air rather than the polluted air in the midst of the city. Adisesh Green City is one such property in Bangalore, which is built in the non-pollution zone in Hoskote. With lush greenery around and a lake view, this property gives a rejuvenated and pollution-free atmosphere to live.

Grocery market

Grocery is something you need everyday. You might not be buying it everyday but, you would still require a grocery store in close proximity. Make sure you have one of the many well-known retail stores near your building. An easy supply of groceries, milk, bread and other dairy products is a must. You would also see that if there is only one grocery supplier in the area, he would be charging an extra 20-25% on your bills. Make sure you do not have to spend this extra amount as these small amounts will add up to your cost of living in the long run.

Medical facilities

Hospitals, doctors and chemists are other important facilities everyone would require in close proximity. What if you require to go to a hospital or need some urgent medication in the midnight hours? Would you want to drive all the way to a hospital that is far away from your home? Obviously not. Make sure you have these facilities nearby your home.

Water and electricity facilities

Water and electricity are two major factors that help people decide whether they would like to buy a home in the locality. Many areas in India face the problem of water and power-cuts. Don’t opt for localities that face these problems regularly. It would make it difficult to live.

Transport facilities or walking distance

It is very important that you have your workplace or your children’s school either at a walking distance or where you can travel to easily. If you have your own vehicle, it would be fine. But, if you don’t, you need to make sure there is enough and good quality bus transport and taxis or auto rickshaws available. Make sure you are well-connected with other areas of the city. Also, opt for a place that has a railway station or airport nearby.

Active environment

If you have kids and youngsters in your family, it is very important that you have an active environment around. Live in a place that has summer camp facilities or any other classes you can send your kids to all throughout the year or in the vacation to keep them engaged and active. The locality should also have a multiplex, restaurant, cafe and park nearby to help you lead an active life.

Safe environment

Along with being active, the locality should also be safe to live in. Make sure it is not a crime-prone area. You also need to be sure that you live in such an area where you are safe and free to move out of the house even during the midnight or early morning hours.