Interesting Facts About The Indian Supreme Court Building

We all know that the Supreme Court of India is the highest judicial forum and the final court of appeal under the Constitution of India. Its power of judicial review lies in the hands of the Chief Justice of India and 30 other judges. Whatever the decision taken by the Supreme Court is the final decision, binding on all the courts in India. Earlier, the Court met only from 10 am to 12 pm and then 2 pm to 4 pm for only 28 days in a year. But today, it meets for 190 days a year. You surely know that the Supreme Court is situated in the capital of India – New Delhi but, do you know these interesting facts about the building of our supreme justice?


  • The foundation stone of the Supreme Court building was laid on 29th October 1954 by Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first President of India.
  • The main block of the building has been built on a 17 acre triangular plot in Hardinge Avenue, opposite to the Hardinge Bridge. It has been designed in an Indo-British style by Ganesh Bhikaji Deolalikar, a chief architect and the first Indian to head the Central Public Works Department.
  • The building of the Supreme Court has been designed and shaped in such a way as to represent the scales of justice, keeping in mind Rajendra Prasad’s words which stated that the two pans of the scales of justice have to be held evenly without allowing the beam from which they hang to incline to any of its sides. The Central Wing of the Supreme Court building that comprises the Chief Justice’s Court and two large courtrooms on either side represents the central beam of the scales of justice. The right and left wings of the building represent the two scales. The Right Wing comprises of the offices of the Attorney General of India and other law officers, the bar-room and the library. The Left Wing comprises of the offices of the Court.
  • The Court moved into the building in the year 1958. Two new wings – the East Wing and the West Wing were added to the structure in 1979. The last extension was added in the year 1994.
  • On 20th February 1980, a black bronze sculpture that was sculpted by the renowned artist Chintamoni Kar was installed in the lawn of the Supreme Court premises. With a height of 210 centimeters, this statue shows a lady sheltering a child, who is holding an open book in his hands. This statue is built with a very deep thought. It portrays Mother India as the lady, who shows to protect the young Republic of India, which is shown as a child; and the open book represents the laws of land. There is a balance shown on the book, which represents equal justice given to all.

What all should you Consider before Investing in Real Estate?

Real estate is a vast and complicated field for those who are just planning to invest in it for the first time. So many marketing campaigns and promotions are sure to get you confused as to where to invest. There is a lot of study to be done before making an investment in real estate.  It is important to understand the fundamentals of real estate investment and focus on buying the best property. Here are a few considerations you must take into account before buying your first property.

Villas-Plots around Hoskote in Bangalore

Educate yourself

Real estate is a complicated market. Every property has its own different characteristic that makes it stand out from the others. So, it becomes difficult to compare different properties on a single basis. Thus, it is important to start your research years before you plan to invest because investing in real estate is going to be a big investment and is going to affect you long-term. Educate yourself through real estate books, websites and forums to know what real estate investing is and how investors have been successful.

Plan well

Plan on what you will be doing with the property before you buy it. Many investors just have one single plan in mind that they would buy a property and then sell it off at a higher price. But, this is not always easy. It may be possible that after you purchase your house, the market rates might drop. What would you do then? Always have a backup plan in mind. In such a case, are you willing to rent out the house until the market prices peak up? This may even take lots of years. Do not buy a house without having multiple plans.

Decide on which property you should buy

What kind of a property should you invest in? This is one big question that you must find an answer to. Do you have a financial set-up to invest in a small apartment or a beautiful luxurious villa? Do you want a place to reside in for yourself or do you just want to buy the property and rent it out? If you want to rent out a property, avoid a very expensive and well-maintained house because that will lead you to spending more and hence, getting a lower rental income. But, it is always suggested that you initially reside in the property for while and then rent it out. This will help you know what the positive sides of the property are and what negative points you must improve on before selling it out. Also, homes for sale bring better rentals later than uninhabited ones.

Check for an appropriate location

Location is a huge factor to consider while purchasing a property. You don’t need to necessarily buy a house in the most expensive area of the city but, the location should be one that has the maximum facilities around like schools, hospitals, market and restaurants to get the house sold easily.

Build up contacts with agents

Search for real estate agents in your area and build up contacts with them. Find out the genuine and reliable ones through your friends and family and shortlist them. An agent is one who can bring you a good or a bad deal. Also, do not rely on only one agent. Speak to different agents to find what majority of them have to say. Follow-up with them from time to time.

Understand the laws

You must be well aware of the laws and legal rules of contracts before making an investment to avoid problems later on. One of the most important things to ask for is the contract on the land used by the builder and the documents for land procurement. There have been many cases where people have bought properties and have been residing in them for years over years and one day, they suddenly find out that the property is illegal. Also, be aware of the terms and interest rates if you are planning to take a home loan for your purchase.

Check for additional expenses

All properties need to be maintained and repaired from time to time. Hence, investing in a property is not a one-time investment. There are other expenses including water, drainage, garbage, utilities, monthly maintenance and much more. You will be getting monthly rentals from the buyers of your property. But, at the same time, you will have to pay your taxes and other maintenance costs. Compare both the incoming and outgoing funds and find out what your net monthly income will be.

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