Guidelines For Women Investing In Real Estate

Women are running neck-to-neck with men everywhere in every field. Parents are letting their daughters study as much as they want to and pursue a career in whichever field they like. These daughters grow up to become self dependent individuals and have a respectful and confident image in the society. Such women, whether single or married, are also putting their foot forward in investing in real estate. Buying a residential property is no more only a man’s game. Almost 30% of property buyers in India are now women. If you are one of them and are looking to buy a residential property for yourself, you need to look at the below mentioned points to know that you are striking the right deal.


Why do you need the property?

You need to answer this question first. Are you buying the property for living in it or to rent it out or only for investment purpose? You need to look at a property at different angles for every different reason. If it is for living in, you need to find a property in the midst of the city with all basic requirements around. If you want to rent it out, you need only the basic requirements to be fulfilled. If it is for investment purpose, you must invest in the outskirts where property prices are low at present and will rise in the future giving you great ROI.

Adisesh Green City in Narasapura, Bangalore spread over 30 acres of land is one great place to invest in, whether you want to live there or for investment purpose. Its amazing pollution-free atmosphere and proximity to nature, with greenery and woods surrounding the property and ‘green’ amenities like water treatment plant, sewage treatment plans and rain water harvesting is sure to make it the best deal for you.

Know your budget and finances

It is very important to have a budget in mind before looking for a property. Analyze how much savings you have, how much monthly expenses you make, what is your future growth at your workplace and what is the permanency of your job. Only then can you know how much you can afford. Stick to it and try not exceeding the limit. A little flexibility is alright but you can’t just jump over your budget because the home you like is offering great not-so-important luxuries. Also, don’t invest all your savings in the down payment. Keep some money in hand for immediate repairs required or in case of an emergency. While considering a home loan, make sure to calculate the EMIs you will have to pay. The EMI should not be more than 30-35% of your monthly income.

What concessions can you get?

Do you know that women are entitled to certain concessions? Learn about them and take advantage of these benefits. Certain states provide lower stamp duty charges for women home buyers. For example, Delhi and Haryana provide a 2% lower stamp duty for women as compared to other states. Also, banks like SBI offer home loans to women at cheaper interest rates than to men. Check for all these types of concessions before you make a purchase.

Hire a real estate agent

You may have learnt the rules for investing in real estate. You might have studied all the possible advantages you can get. You might have also analyzed property rates in the locations you prefer. But still, hiring a reputed real estate agent would prove beneficial because you will be able to rely on him to help you strike the best deal and let you know if you are being met with a fraud if at all because he knows the market in and out. But, make sure that the agent you hire is reputed and well-known for his work or else he himself might dupe you. Contact your friends and family to get in touch with professional real estate agents.